As the new fashion director over at SHOWstudio, my boy Alex has been doing some amazing work. One of his ongoing projects is LET THERE BE LIGHT, a collaborative effort between Nick Knight, Jonathan Kaye and Lily Donaldson.

Allowing unprecedented insight into Nick Knight’s latest photo shoot, SHOWstudio shed light on every nitty-gritty detail as he works with model-of-the-moment Lily Donaldson and a stellar backstage team to creates the editorial images for February 2009’s V Magazine. Over three days, a live audio and video stream is trained on the set to allow you to experience every second of action, from setting up to packing up, from the first extravagant outfit to the last click of the shutter. And just in case you miss any of the antics as they unfold, our highlights of the shoot, edited live on set and including exclusive interviews with all the key players, will be constantly available alongside the real-time stream to whet your appetite for action.

Check it.

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