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I first came across Simon Høgsberg’s work after reading about his Faces of New York project, which I thought was pretty inspiring. Unfortunately at the time, I had not yet been accustomed to documenting my shit, so it didn’t take long for his name to fall off my radar. Anyway, thanks to a recent update it looks like the man has resurfaced with some wicked new work.

His latest project is oddly named We’re All Gonna Die—100 Meters of Existence. Over a period of 20 days, Simon photographed over 178 people on a bridge in Berlin. He then stitched together the photographs to create a 100-meter long image that has to be seen to be believed.

Check it.

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Directed by Ted Chung, A Thousand Words is a short film about the fleeting moments people share without being aware of it. It's also about how a Sony Cybershot camera can bring these people together.

On the real though, wouldn't this make a great viral campaign for Sony?

Via Swissmiss.

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I've been eyeing these for quite some time and now that they're finally available, I can't decide if I should pull the trigger. These jawns are definitely slick but they won't be doing my wallet any good, especially not while I'm saving up for this.

Now available at HUF.

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The agnès b. Collection book offers a unique view into the creative universe and artistic circle of French designer Agnès Troublé. Published by JRP Ringier, the book brings together the major pieces of art Ms.Troublé has collected over the past decades, featuring the works of Man Ray, Andy Warhol, Larry Clark, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Frank, Ryan McGinley, Futura and many others. Currently available at Amazon for $35.


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A review of 2008's greatest cinematographic moments: part one and part two.

This year the challenge was of a different sort. The field was curiously thin. It wasn't that the talent wasn't on display. God knows, a number of the greats were lining up behind the camera this year. But the images weren't as instantly iconic or as viscerally gripping as they were in 2007, which might have left me a bit disappointed on one hand. Then again, it just made searching for my favorites all the more involved and interesting, and I'm happy to offer my findings to you in this space, even if it meant doubling up.

This list is definitely on point, but giving The Dark Knight two spots might be a little overkill. I also love how Let The Right One In got first place, that scene was fucking brilliant.

Via kottke.

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Psyop and Weiden + Kennedy paired up for this charming Coke spot that's set to air during the upcoming Superbowl. I have to admit, this one got me smiling. Not only is it a solid companion piece to the "Coke Side of Life" campaign, it's also a thematic continuation of last year's equally memorable Superbowl ad.

Via Motionographer.

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Uber-designer Michael Bierut talks about the 85 notebooks that he’s carried around over the last 26 years.

The notebooks function like a security blanket for me. I can’t go into a meeting unless I have my current notebook in my hand, even if I never open it. Because I carry one everywhere, I tend to misplace them a lot. Losing one makes me frantic. Everyone who works with me gets used to me asking, “Have you seen my notebook anywhere?” which I assume gets irritating after a while: sorry. I’ve left them behind in clients’ offices. On one occasion, I left one on the roof of a cab on the upper west side. I ended up walking ten blocks, retracing the taxi’s route, until I found it on Broadway at 63rd Street, intact except for some tire marks.

I on the other hand, have had my moleskin for close to a year now and have only filled up six pages.

Via Kottke.

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Tha ltd. the web innovators behind ffffound and MoMA's Design and The Elastic Mind took a fresh approach to designing playMUJI, the promotional website for Mujirushi Ryouhin (MUJI).

playMUJI is a calender interface of videos showing one MUJI product a day. By showcasing the products in small instructional videos, the website cuts across languages and is aimed for a worldwide audience.

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By now, pretty much every hipster-cum-director has dabbled into stop motion. And while that DIY aesthetic does have its charm, it’s been getting old fast. This is mostly due to the amount of shitty directors experimenting within the medium; that being said, there are some notable exceptions. The work that director duo Onewingfly has done for Oren Lavie is nothing short of amazing. This is how stop motion should be done.

Another viewer noted the similarities between this and Motion Theory’s work for Adele. I figured it was worth a mention mostly as a reminder of how awesome that video was.

Via Motionographer.

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Though I hate what he's done with the Dior Homme label I have to admit, Kris Van Assche absolutely killed it with his own footwear line. Manufactured by Manifattura Ferrarese, the collection consists of about thirty styles including sneakers and boots. The line is expected to be available in June.

Via A Shaded View.

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In a bizzare turn of events, the Google Maps Street Car hit a baby deer today and recorded the entire event on Street View! The deer runs out in front of the car in one photo and then is seen on the floor in the next (pictured above). The data then ends for that road. I know this is supposed to be sad and all, but I just couldn't help but laugh when I saw this.

Edit: It appears as though Google pulled the images. Bastards.

Via Gizmodo.

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My January picks from What I Saw Today.

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This my friends, is beautiful. Through time-lapse video, James Leng shows us how sometimes (though rarely) flying economy can be a good thing.

Via kottke.

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by Thomas Rusch from the current Fleisch exhibit at Kunstbureau Paris. Via debauchette.

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It's always nice to find a stack of new books dropped off at your doorstep, especially books as gorgeous as these.

- AREA_2 by Phaidon Editors
- PRINTWORK by Victionary

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Carol Christian Poell wool 'tail' coat with taped lining. Available at Atelier New York.

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Kineda did a recent write-up on the 50 streetwear blogs we should all be reading. I’m not sure if I agree with some of the choices but it’s worth a look regardless. Funny thing is, if you were to cross reference these sites, 90% of the "news" would probably end up overlapping. It could just as well be said that if you’ve read three to four of these streetwear blogs, you’ve read them all.

Also, when did The Moment start covering streetwear?

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I’ve been eyeing this one closely since they paired up Neil Gaiman with Henry Selick. I liked the concept of marketing this as “the first handmade movie” but the trailers always seemed to shy away from the horror aspect of the story. Instead, it comes across as an offbeat children’s fantasy-adventure (à la Charlie and The Chocolate Factory). Okay, it is that, but it was also the underlying sense of dread that made the original so memorable for me. I mean Jesus Christ man, you’re talking about sewing buttons onto the kid's eyeballs!

Anyway, I’m glad to say that the latest trailer remedies this completely, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the novel. Harry over at AICN claims that this is Selick’s personal favorite trailer and it’s easy to see why. Check it.

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What is the deal with these?

Everyone seems to be going bapeshit crazy (see what I did there?) over the latest Kanye and Louis V sneakers and I don’t buy it. I understand the appeal for the Hypebeast crowd but lets be honest, this collaboration is the product of lazy design. Mr. West brings nothing new to the table here; even his most interesting looking pair is nothing more than a refined iteration of the Air Yeezy, which by design was pretty fucking ugly to begin with.

Come on Marc, with people like Lucas Ossendrijver, Raf Simons and Rick Owens (just to name a few) putting some truly innovative spin on the hi-end sneaker game, you can do better than Kanye.

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Today a literary giant has fallen. John Updike passed away this morning after a long battle with lung cancer, leaving behind a legacy of contemporary classics and a lifetime achievement award for badly written sex. Rest in peace Mr. Updike.

As for Damien Hirst, well, leave that to Eugenio Merino's upcoming ARCO Madrid exhibit 4 The Love of Go(l)d.

"Damien Hirst commits suicide so his works will increase in price..."
One could only hope.

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As the new fashion director over at SHOWstudio, my boy Alex has been doing some amazing work. One of his ongoing projects is LET THERE BE LIGHT, a collaborative effort between Nick Knight, Jonathan Kaye and Lily Donaldson.

Allowing unprecedented insight into Nick Knight’s latest photo shoot, SHOWstudio shed light on every nitty-gritty detail as he works with model-of-the-moment Lily Donaldson and a stellar backstage team to creates the editorial images for February 2009’s V Magazine. Over three days, a live audio and video stream is trained on the set to allow you to experience every second of action, from setting up to packing up, from the first extravagant outfit to the last click of the shutter. And just in case you miss any of the antics as they unfold, our highlights of the shoot, edited live on set and including exclusive interviews with all the key players, will be constantly available alongside the real-time stream to whet your appetite for action.

Check it.

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Peeped this from the boys over at Motionographer:

LOBO proves yet again that they are still on top of the game. This opening titles sequence was created for the Brazilian series Capitu and done entirely by hand.

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A little Blade Runner Goodness

On the odd occasion that I do make a contribution to the film_stills community, it usually ends up being something of a chore. But when I decided to tackle Blade Runner in all of its blu-ray, 1080p glory, I re-discovered how visionary the film really is. They just don't make them like this no more.

If you ask me, Ridley really needs to stop this string of gorgeous to look at but half-shitty films and find himself a solid sci-fi project. Ender's Game anyone?

Check it.

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For those of you who don't know, John C. Jay is the creative mastermind behind Weiden + Kennedy, possibly the world's most influential advertising agency. His Honeyee blog is one of my favorite reads as the man always offers great insight into the current state of the industry.

His most recent post discusses a revitalization in the creative community amidst this economic doom and gloom.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a creative person. Clearly there are so many unknowns facing us, so many challenges from social ills to business failings to economic collapse. Thousands of retail stores will close in America this year and the ranks of the unemployed grows by the day.

So how dare anyone look at the world with any optimism?

No one can deny the global pain this is all afflicting. But for better or worse, this is creating a self-editing process of talent, brands, organizations and leadership. What is real, what is authentic and more importantly, what is innovative will survive and grow. This honesty and being true to your values is not just a wonderful personal trait, it is the foundation for any great design or brand. The choices will undoubtedly become fewer but what creatives must do is to make sure the choices become better...

Check it.

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yeaahhh boiii!!
this shit is ill, anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

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