A new and amusing online campaign by Swedish underwear brand Björn Borg. The concept is all about breaking up in the name of love and then starting the hunt for a new partner. Bjorn Borg knows how hard it is to finish a relationship, so he starts by offering us a service to help us sendind the SMS message which will change our lives. But first of all, you have to take the test to understand whether you should break up or not with your partner. If the result is positive, you will immediately find a mobile phone (and some inspirational words) to dump your partner. Once you've sent the break-up sms to your current partner, make sure to continue the online experience clicking on "Find your next love here". The best as yet to come!

An outrageous concept by any means but you've got to hand it to the boys over at Farfar, they pulled this campaign off with undeniable wit and humor couple with some great design. You just can't help but smile, even when it's at the thought of dumping your partner.

Via Adverblog

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