Dutch conceptual artist Levi van Veluw has recently revealed two new installation projects (if you could call them that), "Light" and "Natural Transfers". Expanding on his previous work, Levi continues to explore the mingling of the physical and non-physical on the most personal of mediums, his own face.

With “Natural Transfers” he shifts from covering how own face with materials pulled from the Earth (straw, stone) to a material from the human body: hair. Fluid and serpentine, the hair, though growing from the crown of the head, becomes a mask, almost an invasion. Hair that wishes it could become skin.

With “Light” he moves the image into an entirely new entity all together. Trading tangible, physical entities for the geometric possibilities of light-emitting foil, photographed in blackness, as it glows and takes form across the invisible blackness of his now unseen face. As van Veluw explains on his site: “Light becomes form and it stands free from any ‘original’ subject. It is this ‘invisibility’ of the production processes that creates the freedom in this image."

Via Shape+Colour

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